Last Minute Tips for Voting Tomorrow!

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Tomorrow is the big day to vote!
The kids may be off school and you are busy trying to plan your day. You may have forgotten to think about the vote and what is happening!

Here is some quick info to remind us all!

We are voting for a new president 

We are voting to take blasphemy out of the constitution (basically the law of the land) as a criminal offence. Yes if you want it out. No if you want to keep it as it is.

The 6 candidates who want to be president have bombarded our screens over the last few weeks.  A quick reminder of who is who!

  • Michael D! – where have you been if you don’t know who he is? Maybe in hiding.
  • Sean Gallagher – the businessman who was on Dragon’s Den. He went for election 7 years ago and was most definitely in hiding since!
  • Joan Freeman – she runs the Pieta House charity.
  • Peter Casey – A businessman and another Dragon. He was on TV a lot for the things he said!
  • Liadh Ni Riada – the Sinn Fein candidate who speaks Irish. At every opportunity.
  • Gavin Duffy – another businessman and another Dragon! Not much else we can say.

Finally, remember these things going in to vote tomorrow!

1. It will be a white paper for the Presidential election. Think of the colour of the house they will be living in at the Aras!

2. You put a number 1 beside who you want to be president. Their picture will be beside it. Don’t mark an X but put a number!

3. You can put the numbers 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 in order of who you to give your next votes to. Kind of like a race. Who do you want to come 1st, 2nd, 3rd and all the way up to 6th.

3. The blasphemy paper will be green. Holy God! You just put an X beside yes or no.

4. Don’t take a selfie inside the voting booth. It is a privacy issue and let’s face it, no one looks that good in the school lighting.

5. Pop your vote in to the boxes provided. Whatever way you voted, it is too late now!

6. Ask the staff there as they are very helpful. And probably very bored and want something to do.

Well done for taking the time to vote!!

Please pass on any of these tips to your family and friends but remember – don’t tell them who to vote for!