The Golden Ticket


golden ticket

I never thought my life would be
Anything but catastrophe
But suddenly I begin to see
A bit of good luck for me

These are the words of Grandpa Joe from the much loved Willy Wonka movie as he begins with the song I’ve Got a Golden Ticket. A movie that often airs this time of year, based on the wonderful novel by Roald Dahl.

Literacy, learning and further education is a golden ticket for so many people.  It can open up doors, help them to discover new worlds and areas of interest through reading, give them agency in their lives, help develop a love of words, or writing and expressing themselves on paper that they may not have done before. It allows them to engage in their community, in conversations, as active citizens and informed parents.

The children in the story were lucky enough to find a golden ticket in a chocolate bar. Only five tickets in the whole world, or so the story goes. Yet all around us there are golden tickets. Golden opportunities ready for the taking.

Remember – your golden ticket is yours to spend in whatever way you see fit.  A love for reading? Writing all your wonderful life stories down on paper? Helping children with their homework? Navigating your way through difficult forms? Applying for a new course to change jobs? Reading about history and getting the confidence to visit museums? The joy of learning in a group and with people in the same boat? Finally getting a handle on spelling those tricky words?

2019 – a whole new year awaits and many other opportunities and possibilities to follow.

And the best thing is that there is a golden ticket out there for everybody.

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