Voices from the ESOL classroom

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We are just getting settled into a new learning year here in DALC and already we have been gathering our Words Of Wisdom (WOWs) here in the centre.

We run classes in the morning, afternoon and evenings for our ESOL (English Speakers Of Other Languages) in language and literacy for students from almost 30 different countries.

Here is a window into their experience of learning – voices from the ESOL classroom – our ESOL students WOWS:


“I like learning English.  I want to practise my speaking English and my writing. I am good at work searches.” Manuela.


“I want to learn English only.  In the new year, I go to Copenhagen on holidays. They speak English there.  I want to be able to go to the cinema.” Naji.


“I want to learn English to help my business grow. I am good at learning English.” Nasser.


“I like learning.  I want to learn to do my driving test. ” Miryawad.


“The first time English was difficult.  Now it is better. Now I understand English very well.  I am happy.” Sadiya.


“I love learning English.  I am good at writing and reading but I have difficulty speaking.  That is why I need more practise in conversation because it is very important to be free. When I want to do or go by myself to an appointment, I need a person to translate. ” Isabelle.


“I love learning English.  Learning English was difficult for me.  I like to learn English at school. I hope my English is progressing. ” Judy.


“I love learning English at DALC.  English is an important language.  I like the DALC school. I come everyday.  I learn more English words.  I like grammar and speaking.  I get new words everyday. ” A student in DALC.


“I love learning English in the Dublin Adult Learning Centre school, such as like spelling, reading and writing. I like to learn more computers and maths. ” Abdillah.

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