Now I Can Read

I can see things on posters that I’ve never seen in my whole life.  Like before it was just a blank wall. Now I look at signs. You know if you go into a shop and it says – buy one, get one free. They meant nothing to me. I wouldn’t have even noticed them, that’s being out straight. I don’t know how I didn’t poison my child!

I used to go by the labels on the tins. Now I’m seeing all these little things that I’ve never seen before.  It’s amazing.  Like a whole new world has opened up for me. A new window.

When I came in here first, I actually thought there was something wrong with my head.   My tutor learned me little words, small words and the alphabet.  I thought I could never read a book in my life and one day she brought in a book with all the small words in it. I read it. My tutor said “Now, I thought you told me you couldn’t read a book!”  I couldn’t stop laughing at the idea!

I can see things now I have never seen before.

When I came in here first, I couldn’t sleep all night. When I came here first I thought everyone was looking at me. It’s your nerves.  Now I don’t mind who sees me.

It is the best thing I ever done.


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