I am Glenn

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My name is Glenn and I was born and raised on Dorset Street, Dublin 1.  I’m a former boxer who once shared the ring with olympians such as Paddy Barnes and John Joe Joyce.

In 2012 I left Dublin for Australia with no educational background.  Since then, I set out on a journey I never thought would be possible.  I worked on crocodile farms in Darwin and travelled with carnivals through the west coast of Australia.  I worked in bars in Nicaragua, Barcelona and Cambodia.  I spent two seasons skiing in the French Alps and in the Rocky Mountains in Canada. I lived on Triple Island Lighthouse off the coast of Canada, while hitchhiking over four thousand kilometres to Alaska for Crumlin Children’s Hospital.

In 2017 I lost my best friend to mental illness.  It took losing my best friend to help defeat my own problem with alcohol addiction.

Since I have been sober on 21/07/2018, I have cooked and talked my way into some of the best restaurants in this world.  I have lived inside a castle wall built in the 13th century on an island known as Gotthard in the Baltic Sea.  I have also cooked in Wellington in New Zealand.

Finally, my journey brought me to one of the most secluded islands on earth in the Pacific Ocean.  Unfortunately, I found it was not what I was looking for.

I realised that my dream is to become as aspiring writer. That’s exactly why I am here in the adult education centre.

To get me ready for future education and a masters, I have one to one tutoring and history classes.  Both will benefit my future goals, going back to the fundamentals and basics of the English language before I take a degree.

I think education is key.  In an area where homelessness and addiction is at an all time high, we need to look further for the children of the future and the adults of today.  Education can guide them in the right direction and give them hope of a brighter future and a purpose for living, in whatever they are passionate about.

Written by Glenn, a student in DALC


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