Voices of the Literacy Student During the Time of Covid 19

Photo by Edward Jenner on Pexels.com

We spoke to our literacy students about life and learning during the current pandemic.  This is what they had to say:

On learning at home : 

“There is a big difference learning at home.  In the class there are people there to help.”

“The tutor and other people together in the group is the best.”

“I try reading small books.  I try putting words into Google but reading is still my main problem.  I would be afraid to type on WhatsApp.”

“It is a lot different when you run in to difficulties.”

“I pick up little books and then I get fed up.”


On what you miss about the classes: 

“I miss the company and chats, the little talks on Mondays and Tuesdays.  I miss the computers. When you are on your own there is no one to answer you. I can ask someone at home but it is not the same.”

“Gives you more push when you’re in a group.”

“You’re sitting around talking when you do things in the group and you get more into it when you’re in a group.”

“We all help each other.”

“You can chat a bit in the group.  It gives you more confidence seeing others learning with you. You want to learn more in a group.  You focus more in a group.”

“I want to learn more when I am in there.”

“I love reading more in a group, you know when you’re getting there. When you’re at home, you don’t as much.”

“Some days you can have a chat together.  Before we start the class and when we finish, we get a chance to think about our learning. I really miss the company.”

“In the canteen and in the classes, it helps me to learn about what other people are doing in their classes. Learning and chatting to other people.”


On what will help when we return: 

“I am not used to the computer, only learning it.”

“The big goal for me is the computer classes.  How to send and get into an email.  It is going to be the future.”

“You can’t beat meeting people in the class but learning on the computer, this is the future.”

“I think Zoom is very interesting.  I had one class with my tutor,  She held up words for me to read.  I sent her back a story I wrote and she corrected it.  I took me a long time to do it. Last week I thought I sent my story but I didn’t click send.”

“You could not have a long class on video.  You could go for a walk and come back because your eyes would get sore.  A short class is enough.  I am not used to it.”

“It would be ideal to teach people to use Zoom. One to one would only work I think. If there was other people on Zoom it would knock people off their learning.”

“It lifted me to get a call fom my tutor for support.  I just wanted someone to talk to.”

“I am going back to learning when this is all over.”

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