I am Cathriona

My mask is Spandau Ballet. I am a die hard fan of the band for 40 years. Their music is really beautiful. They come from London in the UK. They are Tony Hadley, Gary Kemp, Martin Kemp, Steven Norman, John Keeble. Their hits are Gold, True and Through the Barricades.

I am an only child but I have cousins who are like my brothers and sisters. I am a very kind person who thinks of others. I am a very friendly person to people I meet. I see the funny side of life. Because of this, I am creative with singing and art. I have a stammer but music helps me to speak.

I sing at mass in our local parish in Dublin. My faith means the world to me. I love sharing the gift of my voice. People told me that when I sing, I sound like an angel. Music really helps me.

I am always thinking that the world is really beautiful. My favourite comedy is Only Fools and Horses. Walt Disney singing films are very good to watch too. It also like to see the news, the Irish and English news, to see what is happening.

I got very scared when I saw the news about covid. My mammy is medically vulnerable and she can be very sick.

I am very happy Dr. Tony Holohan is back. He is a good doctor to listen to the government guidelines. I trust all the doctors keeping us all safe.

My hope in the world is that they find a cure. We will be able to to back to countries we love going on holidays. Thank you to all the teachers and CE students keeping us safe in DALC.

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