What DALC means to me

DALC is an adult education centre situated at 3 Mountjoy Square Dublin 1. That seems a very straightforward and simple description, however when you decide to take the plunge and walk through the doors with an open mind and a willingness to embrace education again, it can be as magical as Hogwarts.

Like a lot of my generation, I hadn’t fond memories of my school days. I did not come to DALC voluntarily and when I walked up those steps it was with more than a hint of scepticism. However, all fears were allayed almost immediately when I was interviewed by the coordinator of the centre, Mary Maher. The first person of authority to actually speak to me and not down to me. That was five years ago and from my first class which was PIPS (Personal and Interpersonal Skills) to the present day, I can safely say I have learned something new every day, proving you are never too old to learn. I am amazed at some of the people who, like myself, had little or no formal education, yet their talents are mind blowing, from art to poetry to mosaics and much more.

DALC have students from all over the world and it humbles me to see how so many with very little English at first grow to be able to speak English as the years and months go by. However, all students in DALC have a great advantage as all the tutors and staff are among the nicest and most helpful people I have ever met. DALC’s biggest gift I think is it gives you the confidence to find your voice. You can talk to people on different subjects, with some degree of knowledge especially local community and politics.

These are some of the things DALC has done for me. If you are thinking of going back to education I would urge you to take the plunge. I can promise you no matter what you think your level is at, there will be something in DALC for you.

By Paddy

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