“Making students feel comfortable and welcomed.”

Over the years, many of our students told us that the hardest part of coming back to education was walking in the door. The first person they meet can have the most impact. Our receptionist Colette plays a hugely important role in helping returning students to feel at ease when they walk in that door. Here Colette tells us about her role in the centre:

“My name is Colette. I am the receptionist in the centre. For me it’s about having the ability to be able to put students at their ease, making them feel comfortable and welcomed. The challenge for me is navigating around the grey areas, nothing is ever black or white, sometimes it hard to get the balance right. But one of the most important things is that everyone has different needs and requirements.”

In The Words of a Student:

“I remember walking up the steps. I had butterflies in my tummy.  The girl came over to me.  She said her name is Colette.  She had a lovely smile.  Then she introduced me to a tutor who asked me to come in to her office to have a chat.  My inside shook like a leaf.  We talked for a few minutes.  Then she took a list of words out and asked me to read then.  I was very nervous. It was really important to me that the first person I met when I walked up those steps was kind to me. Only then could my learning journey begin.”

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