Which is better: Online Classes or Face to Face?

Back in the Classroom

“I think it’s better in the class because you can interact with people. You can learn from them as well. I think you learn better in the class. You pick up things better in the class then you do online. Online is alright but I wouldn’t say its great for interacting. You learn more being with other people. You remember words better because you can see the way other people remember them. You’re learning the way other people do it.” Tony

“Online can be good in many ways. When Covid 19 was rampant in the community, it kept people safe and it helped a lot of people to learn how to use computers. In-person class is better. You can not compete with people interacting. There is nothing like meeting someone face to face. It’s just that thing we need to do, us humans.” Paul

“I get more out of the face to face classes. I get more out of the interaction. It is better for your mentality. You feel more connected with people. It is more tiring online. The feeling is not the same online. Back in the classroom I feel more free and comfortable. My learning is better. It is more stimulating. I can take care in the discussion. ” Rabah

“When the weather was bad with the storms and also during the pandemic, it was good to go online. You can learn many things on the phone and the smartphone. It has helped me to improve my technology.” Paddy

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