Experiences with Reading

Two groups got involved in the Ireland Reads – a national day to celebrate reading – on Friday 25th February. Below is how the groups explored their experiences with reading:

In our literacy group, we pledged to read for 30 minutes. Some students brought in their own books to read, for others they chose some books from our centre library. We did some paired reading which the group really enjoyed as they could take a line or a paragraph each to read and help each other. We talked about some strategies that helped us to read such as breaking up big words, taking your time, not to be nervous and just having a go! One student said “I get butterflies when I try to read but I know I have to relax . I know now that reading is only for me and no one else.”

Our other Friday Group is our Book Club. They have been reading all year and below are some of the things they said about reading:

◦ Reading in a group was great

◦ Loved discussing the book every week

◦ We learned about history too

◦ Getting involved with the different characters was great

◦ You loved the characters or hated them but we all had a favourite one

◦ Before the book club I only read the words but didn’t really understand it. 

◦ Discussing stuff helps you understand.

◦ I loved hearing the different opinions of everyone

◦ The book club gets you involved in talking about things

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