Gallery Trip

Last Friday 1st July we went out to the National Gallery. The trip had a number of aims – firstly to introduce the idea of finding different locations on a map. We had three separate meeting points – the DALC centre at Mountjoy Square, the Spire in O’Connell Street and finally the front gates at Trinity College.

The group is an intercultural learning group as part of our summer courses. It is made up of local Irish people who are returning to learning to improve their skills and also students who are originally from Nepal but now living and working in Ireland. We also have students originally from Eritrea and Angola. Everyone in the group is working on their listening, speaking, literacy and digital skills.

The group have only been together for three weeks but already are forming and integrating in a really positive way! The trip was a great chance to visit the places in our city like the Spire and chatting about their opinions on it. Noticing the grass and flowers growing around Trinity and whether they liked it or not.

The gallery trip itself was a wonderful opportunity to speak about family, work and life as we were walking. If understanding and speaking was an issue we used our phones to show some pictures and google images. Looking at the paintings was a great opportunity to point and discuss what the painting might be about, who were the people in the painting, what was their story, what ideas the group had about the story behind the painting. A few laughs too!

Coming together and experiencing the art together had so many moments for learning outside of the classroom.

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