My Time in DALC

As I approach my retirement from The Dublin Adult Learning Centre I would like to reflect back on some of the amazing times I’ve had here over the years. My working life has always been enhanced by the wonderful staff and students who I’ve come in contact with over the years.  Whether it was my first 1 to 1 student who struggled to read and write but also lacked any confidence in herself when I met her.  To see her a few years later having completed her Junior Cert English exam and being able to keep in touch with her daughter in Australia using technology with skills she learned from me was most rewarding. 

To meet with many parents as part of the Family Learning Programme in the centre and in numerous primary schools around the Dublin area, who began to appreciate childrens’ books and how important they are in their children’s lives. To gain the skills to read aloud through our Read to Succeed course and even write a children’s book while on the course was a great achievement.  To understand and share books written covering issues that children might be going through and how they can be used to allay the fears of a child and assist the parents in opening up a conversation with their child, were all things we covered on the course. 

The years delivering QQI Communication level 3 Courses was an absolute joy.  Seeing the students complete the year and through all their hard work, complete their folder and get the accreditation, that meant so much to them.  Over the months they may have struggled with the workload but were always glad that they stuck with it until the end.  The day the certificates were handed out, they were so proud and so was I. 

My own passion is a love of all things technology. When I began teaching computers it was just before the onset of Smart Technology.  So I was well placed to embrace this wonderful technology and I surely found my groove.  As we encourage our students to engage with technology it was never more needed than when we found ourselves in Covid lockdowns where students really excelled and engaged with us as tutors.  This very negative time for me was a fine example of how resilient our students are, that they engaged with us for the year and completed their QQI Digital Media folder from the comfort of their own homes. 

All in all my journey through DALC has been amazing.  From organising numerous events in the centre to liaising with our local hotels to organise our conferences.  Having speakers at our events from abroad and our wonderful students who dared to get up on the podium to speak about their own experience as a learner…… it’s been a pleasure. Our Christmas brunches have always been a joy and sometimes brought me to tears with the beautiful Christmas songs  being sung by all involved. Thanks for the wonderful memories.

I will miss it all!!

By Miriam Weadick 

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  1. Lovely blog, well said, Miriam. You shows how our working live can be so valuable and meaningful in adult and community education, alongside our personal lives. And DALC is renowned for this ethos, that means so much to so many.


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