Well Now Programme

For the last 10 weeks, we have been running the NALA Well Now programme in DALC with facilitator Marian Baker, in partnership with Catherine Heaney of Healthy Communities Project Co-coordinator with Dublin City Community Coop. Along with our existing DALC students, we recruited students to participate from the Dublin 1 area. Here they are getting their certificates for completing the programme!

The aim of the course was to explore many aspects of health such as healthy eating, keeping active, relaxation techniques, ways to access health information. We also looked at increasing understanding and awareness when communicating with health professionals.

The idea to run this course in DALC arose from a collaboration between DALC, Dublin City Community Coop, HSE and a community nurse from Summerhill Primary Health Care Centre. We had regular meetings to highlight the issue of gaps in health literacy. We conducted an audit of Summerhill Primary Care Centre and we ran a focus group with DALC students back in 2021 to discuss what difficulties and problems people have accessing health information and with communications between healthcare providers and services users. We are hoping to present our insights to be included in a report to the HSE.

Here are what some participants said below about the Well Now course:

“The mindful classes I already did, to get both sides of the brain working and having dyslexia. This course helped me to do more relaxing that will help my learning. ”

“Personally speaking, when I go to my doctor, when he talks to me in big words I just now say ‘in my language please.’ This course reminded me to ask him to slow down. ”

“I thought the course was great. It gave me the time to think about my health. I feel a bit more confident talking to the doctor now. Health is very important.”

“Yes it was very beneficial for me. At the start it was a bit awkward then we got to know each other and talked about things and we started to relax. Over the weeks the classes were getting better. We done a healthy eating class which was good and we learned some good tips. The exercises really helped us and put us in a better frame of mind. This class would be very good for mental health issues. I would recommend this class to anybody. It does help.”

Below are some pictures of the collage the group created to evaluate the programme. What a fantastic and positive 10 weeks!

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  1. This sounds like a terrific programme, with benefits all round, from taking charge of our own health and well-being, to gaining confidence in communication with health professionals. And the pics are beautiful, well done to all


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