Bobby: The dog of DALC

My name is Bobby and I am the dog of DALC! My owner Victor works as the caretaker in our building. I come in with him when he works at reception, when he opens the centre and when he closes it at night.

I am a very friendly dog who loves everyone. I follow one of the tutors called Jaki down to the canteen and she gives me a special healthy biscuit every Monday evening. I always stop to say hello to all the students coming in and out of the centre for classes. I like to make some of the nervous students feel more comfortable. They stop to say “Hi Bobby!”, pet me and I wag my tail.

Some of our Ukrainian students have left pets behind because of the war. I try to be very friendly to make them feel more settled living in Ireland and coming here to classes. We teach English language and literacy to many students. It doesn’t matter what language they speak, I always try to show them affection. One lady who really misses her pet back in Ukrainian always stops to say hello. She almost cries as I remind her of her own dog that she left behind. I think I make her feel better.

I went up the stairs once or twice to the Ukrainian and ESOL groups.
There’s no where I haven’t been in the building. Everywhere I go people stop me. Even people in my neighbourhood leave me food in places and I know where to go.

When I’m not in the building some of the students ask “where’s Bobby?”
Everyone knows me. My owner Victor says that no ones asks about him but everyone asks about me.

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