What DALC means to me

As we begin a new learning year, we asked our students and tutors what DALC (Dublin Adult Learning Centre) means to them. The impact of DALC on people’s lives is clear – a positive learning environment for all. Let’s hope 2023 will be another great year!

“DALC is a place that can give you confidence and can help you on your journey.” Derek N. 

“A friendly atmosphere where one can learn at their own pace.” Derek B. 

“For me DALC is very important and has been very helpful to my education.” Christy  

“DALC is a place you can learn something you’re interested in and a place to meet new people.” Anon 

“A safe and welcoming centre where people come and learn what they want to learn at their own pace.” Veronica

“I come to DALC because it is a good environment.”  Anon

“A place of teaching, a place of learning, a place for everyone.” Trish

“A warm friendly place where people learn at their own pace!” Colette

“A space where I can empower the disempowered through teaching basic English.” Riam 

Dynamic, Adept, Lasting, Caring and creative.” Liz

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