Shifts in Perspectives: What We Learned From Our Trip To Iceland

    The Thingvellier National Park is one of the most renowned tourist trips in Iceland.  It is about 45 kilometers north east of Reykjavik and part of the very popular Golden Circle tour.  The park marks the ridge caused by the separation of  two tectonic plates, where the two continents have moved – theContinue reading “Shifts in Perspectives: What We Learned From Our Trip To Iceland”

Reminding Myself Why We Plan For Accreditation

  Last week, I hit off my phone by accident and Siri asked me if there was anything she could do for me.  “Finish my QQI validation application” said I.  “I don’t understand” said she.  “Neither do I,” I thought.  She had the same reaction to the CRA and the CRO returns, so no pointContinue reading “Reminding Myself Why We Plan For Accreditation”